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WEEEE I figured out how to post on this thing. It took me long enough. Anyways, I like pictures. I think pictures are a good idea. Something to laugh about. I really do not miss some of the people at CHS. I do miss my friends, JROTC, and French. Those are the only things I miss. Everytime I go home on leave, I make sure to schedule a JROTC visit and BS with Major and 1Sgt. I miss the weird cartoons we used to make in class. Heck, it wasn't very long ago that I watched Laura's Video of Prom and her Grad party. I was such an idiot.

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*wonders if I have any right to post in a community for a town I was so incredibly desperate to leave*

So - I would like to propose that the finest aspect of Carrollton, OH, and surviving high school in said town is the Cream Flipover from the Betty Kaye Bakery. I've been known to take special trips home just to stock up and indulge. Agree? Disagree?

Starting something new.....

I started up a website for anyone who attended or is attending Carrollton Exmpted Village Schools. I encourage people to join and keep in touch with each other. There is only a few people currently on livejounral that are from carrollton but I know that number will grow with time.
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